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Who is Dimple Shivarajan?

Our founder

 Dimple Shivarajan, is a talented director and associate producer with over 12 years of experience in the film and advertising industry.

Her passion

Her passion for storytelling and cinematic vision has earned her a reputation as a skilled and creative professional who has worked on over 50 projects with some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

Dimple's journey

Dimple's journey began over a decade ago when she started as a director. Her dedication, hard work, and creative flair quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, and she was soon directing commercials for major brands. Her unique approach to storytelling and visual style made her a favorite among advertisers, and she soon began working on larger projects.

Journey Continue

Over the years, Dimple has directed several corporate films, web series, and reality shows, showcasing her versatility and ability to work in different genres. As an associate producer, she brings her vast experience and expertise to the production side of things, working on high-budgeted advertisements that currently run on television and in theatres.

A 360-degree view on entering the Bollywood industry

Our workshop offers a 360-degree view on entering the Bollywood industry, and provides an overview of the four essential aspects of the industry

Get a 360 view on entering the Bollywood industry.
Get an overview on 4 aspects in the industry Acting-Direction-Camera-production.
Get a spread sheet on the right unions, casting agents, acting classes and much more...
Get your first exposure through our Youtube channel, create your first content with the professional.


Save your precious time and struggle in the Bollywood industry!

Our course runs for three days, and with Dimple’s guidance, you will gain valuable insights and tips to help you succeed in your journey.

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