The kudi with kofy? Check out the latest Bollywood news with PRIYANCKA SINGHH.

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Gone are the days when YouTube channels use to be dependent on just box office collections, movie reviews and linkup and breakup. Now the film industry is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

May it be the viral Shushant Singh case or the latest case of Aryan Khan and Ananya Pandey being involved in drugs, Nora Fatehi being involved in 200cr money laundering case.

These 2 years have shown the dark side of the industry in a way no one could have imagined and YouTube channels are creating views and traffic by highlighting these in a negative way but a new YouTube channel kofy kodi is taking a dig at all these news with a light hearted comedy way

Energy2karma’s new YouTube channel venture kofy kudi deals in latest Bollywood news, telly-land news and film industry gossips and much more. The new Hindi YouTube channel aims at entertaining the Indian audience by serving different news related to the Indian film industry.


PRIYANCKA SINGHH is the anchor of the show and has her own unique style of presenting this news in a comedy style. May it be Bollywood box office collections, movie reviews, link up’s and break up’s in the film industry she has got it all covered. PRIYANCKA SINGHH has a vast experience in the film industry on many different aspects. Some of them are listed below.

  • Assistant for Khanna Sweets TVC
  • Cycle Tel (Government Advertisement) TVC
  • Print shoot for Enrich Hair colour
  • PNB Housing Loan Print shoot
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Print shoot
  • Won prize 2nd runner up In Delhi for Mr. & Miss Sunshine
  • Serial Zindagi dot com for door darshan Channel
  • Serial Jhalli Anjali for channel V
  • Serial Chandernandani for Star Plus
  • Movie Legend of Michael Mishra with Mr. Boman Irani and Mr. Arshad Warsi

  On the other hand, Energy2karma an Indian start-up founded in 2020 is head by Nikunj. Ratan. Irani. energy2karma deals in the following sectors:

  1. YouTube channels
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Promoting PLR projects (private label rights)

 Energy2karma is also coming up with an online media house service which will enable new talents to showcase their talent and work and give these talents a heads-up in the film industry by working remotely from their own houses.

In the first stage the talents which would be introduced by energy2karma are:

  1. Film directors
  2. Actors
  3. Editors
  4. Film post production services and much more….

Energy2 karma understands the importance of remote working which is a slowly developing culture. This company aims at being future ready by creating an online working environment for the film industry and the also other industries which need video content creation for promoting their products and services through Ad film making, creating company profiles, individual film and content creative. For providing these services energy2karma has a team of dedicated and experienced individuals. The current team for energy2karma are Dimple Shivarajan, Steven Barbosa, Kristal Dcunha.

Let’s see what fun and news will this collaboration bring to the Indian audience, it will also be interesting to see what response the team gets on the news. To this kudi with kofy.

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