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Diego Antolini © 2022

It was 2006 when I decided to move to the U.S. to study Performing Arts. I had already graduated in Music in Italy, and dropped out of Law University after 5 years of studies that made me realize I was not cut out for a desk job.

8 years in Los Angeles gave me a broad view of how many opportunities are out there if you actively seek and keep your mind opened.

Everything in this world is connected, and now, in the wake of the “Metaverse”, physical and digital realities will merge together into a limbo of activities that have yet to be defined. Web3, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence call for a very careful approach beyond the speculative frenzy that envelopes every new thing.

The risk is that without a proper education, much is left behind, and a passive use of such technologies may bring more damage than benefits.

This is the reason why I have approached the world of Digital Technologies after several years of experience in the real world. Products Development and Trade with my Asian partners as well as an essential learning experience with my IT company and its amazing tech staff laid out solid foundations which can support my present endeavors.

When I think of my journey, I see it as an unpaved road full of bumps and cracks, along which my steps advance at an irregular pace, yet always forward, never retreating.

My attention is never caused by fear, it’s always dictated by the necessity to observe and assimilate as much as I can before taking on the next step. Now, after 7 years of trading and business education with China, I have decided to take another step into the uncharted territory of the Decentralized Systems, a branch of Digital Technologies that is both fascinating and dangerous.

Fascinating, because of the endless opportunities that an individual-based chain can lead to, from freedom of exchanges to the sharing of creative ideas; dangerous, because the term “freedom” can be a double-edge sword, if not properly defined, if not adequately organized.

Establishing K2Space Corp. was a challenge, an educated, pondered decision that came after a couple of years of thinking and talking with the key figures that are presently accompanying me into this business. Without their help and their trust, I would have never done it.

What I realized when I first delved into the Digital world is that education remains a pivotal aspect of it, no matter how intuitive, easy-to-use, at-a-glance an app can be. You still need to understand and know what’s behind every feature and every outcome of a program, if you want to appreciate and exploit all its potentials.

I believe that my 15 years experience in education can serve well in this, because the learning patterns and the cognitive models used to understand nature, human behavior or an A.I. bot are pretty much the same, founded within how we humans perceive reality.

Knowing that, and bringing it to the Digital Technologies‘ world, is not a huge leap.

Can we learn from technologies?

Will our view of society change with the advent of a pervasive A.I. ecosystem?

Will DeFi bring the Centralized Financial System to an end?

These and many other questions will walk hand in hand with me, now and for a long time ahead, as I continue to tread on my bumpy path of life.


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