K2SPACE CORP. & ENERGY2KARMA Co. Ltd. Have joined forces into the Digital World.



As of 2022, two young companies have landed a partnership in the global arena of the ever-evolving Digital Technologies.

Energy2Karma was established in 2020 in Mumbai, India, as a media and web development hub for Indian companies and individuals. Later, it expanded into an informative platform which provides consulting services and Internship programs in various aspects of the Digital world. E2K focus is primarily the Indian market, and that’s when K2Space got interested.

K2Space Corp. was established in late 2021 in the USA by a group of young yet experienced businessmen from three different countries.

The scope of the company is to provide Business Education and Consultancy Services within the various aspects of Digital Technologies, specifically Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, PLRs, and Affiliate Marketing strategies.

We want to position as an incubator for young entrepreneurs and individuals who need some orientation in their business endeavors. We understand how vast and impervious Digital Technologies can be when it comes to find the right path with minimum risks and high probability of making profits, so we stand as a compass for those who approach the field for the first time as well as for those who have already tried, and feel a bit lost about how and where to move forward.

Said Diego Antolini, K2Space CEO 

The partnership with E2K marks the step to open up India to the International networks of companies and businesses, as well as giving K2S the opportunity to disseminate its knowledge into the attractive market of India.

It is a win-win situation for us, because E2K can and will assist K2S in entering India and benefit of the huge resources our country can offer with regards to Digital skills of young people.
At the same time, we welcome the collaboration with K2S to expand our network of partners overseas and become a global reality for many companies and people interested in learning and working with us.

Said Nikunj Irani, CEO at Energy2Karma 

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