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 Today we will discuss how money plays with human emotions and how it affects the rich and poor in different ways emotionally and biologically. 

Modern World revolves around money. Without it, nothing can happen. Man thinks money is everything. Maybe this thinking is what needs to be changed.

The real reason why the sense of equality and oneness does not prevail in this world,Is due to money and how money divides us on an economic level.

To understand how human emotions are manipulated through money. We first need to understand the human emotions and the vibe scale.

 The human energy is divided into 9 emotions called the Nav-rasas they are as follows:-

  1. Happiness/ Humor.
  2. Sadness/ sorrow.
  3. Disgust.
  4. Heroism/ courage.
  5. Anger.
  6. Surprise/ wonder.
  7. Peace or tranquility.
  8. Love.
  9. Fear.

The 2% of the society which manipulates the 98% of the society knows how to manipulate humanity with the tool of money.

Now these rasas or emotions are further divided into 2 types of vibrations: the positive vibes and the negative vibes.

The positive vibes are as follows: –

  1. Love.
  2. Laughter.
  3. Courage.
  4. Peace.

The negative emotions are as follows-

  1. Sorrow.
  2. Anger.
  3. Disgust.
  4. Terror/ fear.

Now there is one emotion which does not appear on the vibe scale and that is surprise/ wonder. This emotion always has another emotion attached to it. The attachment of the second emotion always depends on the situation. If the situation is good the surprise emotion will go on the positive side of the scale and if the situation is not good then the same emotion will turn down to the negative side of the vibe scale.

 Now once we have understood the human emotions and the vibes scale. We will now understand how the governments and the elite use this knowledge against us and keep us captive in negative vibes or frequency.            

One of the most basic E.g., of this is the rich and the poor. The rich are always on the positive side of the vibe scale because with money comes a sense of security and this gives a confidence boost which overall helps in their mental, biological and inner health. The poor on the other hand never experience this and they always live in fear of having less and this invites a mental state of greed, fear and such kind of negative emotions. 

These negative emotions also affect the physical wellbeing of a person. This causes a lot of medical illness which leads them to hospitals. These negative vibes also get them greedy and this greed, want, helplessness get crime rates soaring high.          

 When there is no economic stability in a person’s life there is always fear in that person. He always has the mentality of having less and this feeling terrorises him in his subconscious mind that something bad might happen and because of this thinking directly or indirectly leads him to a situation which he wants to run away from.

Now when we understand that lack of money has such effects on people, we need to ask ourselves, do we really need money to cater to all needs of our society?

 Do we need to be in such negative vibes constantly? or do we want a society where all are one and all have equal opportunities, governed by equal laws for everyone.

 Which concept is logical: the one of the rich and the poor? or the one where everyone is equal?

You be the judge!

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