Energy2karma was established by Nikunj Irani in the 2020. Energy2karma is a digital marketing company based in Mumbai.

We are a start-up which deals in media monetization. Currently we are using affiliate marketing to promote Indian and foreign brand on the internet through our blogs, YouTube channels, social media and influencers.



Our Mission:

We are on a mission to join hands with other websites, influencers, social media accounts and help them to monetization their projects as well and grow hand in hand in the new online era the world is advancing into.


Our Vision:

Our Vision is to bring together new websites, affiliate marketers and influencers together which would in the future help us to create and support new brands which want exposure in the Indian market. We want to achieve this goal by creating affiliate offers for the new brands how want to enter the Indian marketing.  




Advertise with energy2karma:

If you are looking for traffic to monetize your affiliate offers or you need traffic to increase, you have presence on social media or website, you can connect with us , you get paid banner ads and other services like social media marketing to a good growth rate in the India geo. Connect with us and let’s grow together.