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The online world is fast paced and ever changing and a website is a beneficial tool it
is by far the best way to develop an online reputation wether you’re an entrepreneur , job
seeker, artist or a writer. Having a strong online presence , particularly a website can be a
make or break for generating revenue.
Quality of your website also greatly impacts results
many a times entrepreneurs who are fairly new in the web world rely significantly on a
website developer taking huge risks by handing over their business in the hands of a
developer who in turn has full access to your online presence, your data, server, online IP
& URL .
So, you always set out with the best intentions . You have a budget and planned to
stick to it and then you find a web developer who charges X amount of money which is
cheap and in your budget ,unknowingly placing your business in the hands of a complete
In order to salvage this disaster and start your very own website these are a few
things you should have with your own name before connecting to a web developer .

❖ URL– This is the very 1st step you need to take in order to make your URL. Like,
www.yourbusiness.com , this is a small step for the security of your website .

❖ SERVER – Server is very important while making a site as this is where your data is
saved , in the case where your server isn’t accessible to you and you have had certain
shortcoming with your developer , he will have access to all your data and can erase
your entire website overnight . When you purchase a brand new server never give
first access to your developer and also restrict the limits on what the user can do on
the server, only share your user id with your developer so he does not have access to
the main frame of your website .

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❖ Launching your WordPress – This is a slightly more tricky but an absolute necessary
step. If you think once you have a URL and then you buy a server you are secure that
perhaps might not be the case . This is the most crucial step hosting your WordPress
on the server which is with your id and password.When you give the URL and the server access to the website developer but you haven’t hosted WordPress on the
server in this case the developer will launch his own WordPress key on your server
and if you have a any disagreement with him the developer can shift the whole
project or business from your server to another server and have unlimited access to
your website .

❖ Themes – Themes are an important aspect of your website costing anywhere between
20$ – 150$ , while buying these themes always buy it from your mail id and bank
account directly or these too can provide a back door entry to the developer as he will
buy the theme on his name.

❖ Plugins – After aligning URL, server, WordPress and theme you would now need
plugins like appointment setting , cart services or email responsive services and
much more. These plugins should be bought by you through WordPress of Envato
market under your name or else the developer will have backdoor entry to your
website where he can exploit your data and other services.

❖ Agreement – The last and the least talked about ,but the most crucial part to secure
your website is always have an agreement with the website developer and the
agreement should contain the following points:
A. URL provided by the client to the developer.
B. Server access would be given to the developer.
C. WordPress should be launched by the developer with the client on live 1 – 1 session
D. Theme will be selected by the client and the amount would be paid by the client for
the theme .
E. Plugin will be bought by the client itself and handed down to the developer to
install plugins.
F. Always have a verified Aadhar copy and Pan copy with the signed agreement to
secure the deal .

How do I know this?
I am an entrepreneur and I have faced many such challenges with developers , I have
been penny wise pound foolish in the past which has made me more foresighted now.
Yes ,the cost of your website or project would go up as per the steps I’ve mentioned
above , one would need minimum 25,000 Rs and more to commence your project .
If your are a business centric person its more essential you rather spend 25k and secure
your project than handing down your virgin project/business into the hands of an
unknown developer who can outsmart you at any given point of time…..Food for thought!!

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